What Activities Can We Do With Kids To Make Them Active

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A kid is an apple of everyone’s eye. If he is the first one in both the extended families then he would be treated like a prince or princess. All the people in house will take him in hand and give all the things that he would ask for without delays and making him wait. So, being a kid is a very beautiful thing. We all have been gone through this phase but a very few people recall this phase. 

Our parents did so much efforts in our childhood to make us active and confident kid. Doing this is never easy for them. They have to give a huge chunk of their time in building our personality. 

Following are the things that they usually do in order to make us active.


  • Colouring:


Colouring is the most active and the initial activity that one could do with their kids. We need to buy a set of colours and few papers. In this manner, we make them familiar to the colours. Also, it makes them feel happy as they like colours when they are young.


  • Reading:


In the initial stage, kid’s cant read on their own. But they can remember names with the pictures. There are wide range of books available for toddlers and infants. We can teach them animals name, fruits name, vegetable names etc.


  • Drawing:


In the initial years, we can’t expect writing from small kids. They make lines and other things with their tiny hands. They use their tiny brains and draw different kinds of things. It is also a healthy activity for them for brain storming.


  • Swimming:


Swimming is the best activity for kids. They enjoy it to the fullest. The love to go in water anytime. Even, if they are taking shower, they don’t like to come out and sometimes, they cry their lungs out to stay in water for a long time. It is the healthiest activity for them.


  • Exercise:


It is a common phenomenon that only adults and old aged people do exercise. We never appreciate and motivate our kids for exercise. We have to introduce them to exercise from an early age so it becomes their part of life. It is the most useful thing ever that we can do for our kids. 

Swimming is better than exercise as it moves all the parts of our body also our brain works double when we are swimming. So, we have to push our kids for swimming from an early age. So, if you want your kid to learn swimming at an early age Aquanat is a place for you. We offer baby swimming lessons, kids swimming lessons, and infant swimming lessons Perth. Come to us and make your kid active.

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