The Dangers Of Chemicals

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We live in a world where everything we eat, everything we wear and every product that we use is full of chemicals and preservatives. Even buying a vegetable in the store means that we are buying a product that is grown in chemicals and in hundreds of insecticides which we in turn ingest causing us to become very sick. The truth is that these sicknesses and illnesses will not happen overnight. They will slowly build up in our bodies without even or notice until one day they start to show signs when they are extremely severe by which time it is often too late. For this reason, we need to try and eat as much organic food as we can. Of course, admittedly organic products are extremely expensive and often out of reach for the common man who struggles to survive on his basic wages however, we need to try. We need to give it our best shot at least by giving our children food that is chemical free because they do not have any choice in the matter of what they are eating and their bodies and immune systems are not developed enough to eat food that is laced in chemicals and preservatives.

The best for your baby

When you are feeding your child, make sure that you choose only organic baby products because choosing anything else could put your baby’s life at a lot of risk. You may not even realize it but an illness that your child may get in their teenage years might be due to the food that you gave him or her at infancy because these are the formative years in which your baby needs the best of the best nutrition. Sadly, baby food manufacturers do not pay much attention to this fact because their only intention is to get the most money within the shortest period of time.

You need to go as far as choosing organic baby sunscreen for a good body protection and everything else for your baby as well because it is not just the food that you feed your baby that will be laced with chemicals and preservatives.

Grow your own food

It would be a great idea for you to start growing your own food because this will help you to reduce your costs on food and also have the opportunity of eating organic food that is grown in your own garden. Having a small food garden of your own is also a great hobby that you can one day pass on to your child when she grows up.

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