Stairs Are The Worst Enemy

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Having a baby at house is a nightmare for many parents. The safety of their child is the first thing comes to the mind of every parent. Fortunately there are many solutions to prevent any sort of injury to your child. When a baby starts to walk, the first thing every parent must do is to secure the stairs. Yes, stairs is the worst enemy for any child. A baby that has just started to walk, may even try to walk down the stairs but their little cute legs can’t even reach the bottom of first step and with one slip it can all go bad.

Don’t worry with the help of child gates for stairs you can prevent that from happening. With modern technology and modern safety standards, many types of gates have been produced so that your child can never go near the stairs.

Here we will tell you how wide baby gate in Australia can actually help you by preventing any injury.

Before we go any further please note there are two types of mountings that you should think about before purchasing child gates for stairs.

Hardware Mounts: If you want the best results in safety of your child, then this mounting can really come in handy. This type of mount is really the most secured mount you can get. It is basically mounted on the wall. With its tight grip on the wall any type of gate can be secured.

Pressure Mounts: They are the type of mounts that can be used in those places where your child can’t enter such as kitchen, entrance of house, backyard and even washrooms. These types of mount are not that secured and can break apart.

Once you understand that which type goes where, it becomes evident that for stairs you will be needing hardware mounts. To protect your child the hardware mount will help a lot. This can be places at top and bottom of the stairs, usually when there are no sides or supports on stairs.

Babies are fast when they start to walk.

Trust me when we say this that babies can run really fast and having a secured child gates for stairs with hardware mounts can prevent your child from going downstairs or even upstairs.

You can go for any type of gate whether it is retractable, wooden, steel or plastic, it has to be hardware mounted.

When you begin with the installation process it is advisable to call a professional that can see how to baby proof your house and explain you further on what type of gate would be perfect for your child’s safety.

If you are a parent looking to secure the safety of your child then visit our website at, where you will have multiple options to choose from to secure your child from any harm.

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