3 Things To Know Before Buying A Learning Tower

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Taking care of a child is probably one of the most difficult things you can do in life. However, it is also the most exciting. The moment you take your eyes off them, they are going to wander around and get into trouble. One of the most common problems that child often face is that they try to climb at high places and put themselves at risk of injury. Your toddler may be thinking that they have superpowers and they can fly. However, it is better that you do not give them a chance to try that.

Placing a stool to elevate your child is certainly not a good idea, because first and foremost stools do not have proper support. It is easy for a child to fall from it and get injured. This is why if you want to ensure the safety of your child and also make their day to day tasks easier than a steiner wooden toys is the best thing you can invest on. So, what is a learning tower and what are its benefits? Let’s see below.

What is a Learning Tower?

If you do not know what a great montessori learning tower is, then it is simply a stool with a cage for added safety of your child. Learning towers normally come in two categories, one is fixed and the other is adjustable. Although, we would certainly recommend that you buy the adjustable learning tower but it can be a bit heavy on the budget. This is why fixed learning towers can also almost serve the same purpose but you do not get the flexibility that you would want.

Fixed Learning Towers

As the name suggests, fixed learning towers are going to remain at the same height. Although, they are still going to be highly useful if you have multiple children in your house then you would not be able to use it for all of them. The major benefit of a fixed learning tower is that they are a bit lesser in the budget department, so if you are short on cash then they certainly prove to be a viable option.

Adjustable Learning Tower

If you had one option to choose a learning tower then hands down we are going to suggest the adjustable one. The level of adjustability it has can make it useful for a longer period of time. Moreover, if you have multiple children then all of them can easily use the same learning tower so it certainly proves to be a great one-time investment.

Now that you know about the two common types of learning towers, it is important that before you purchase either of them you properly inspect them. It is crucial to prioritise the safety of your child, so make sure that you purchase learning towers from a reputable store so there are no compromises in the quality.

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